White Christmas in America for Most States and Social Media Show Off Competition

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Why white Christmas is so exiting for most American. Well it's on Christmas day and for many states, there are not that many times that snow happens during the Christmas days. So everyone took the opportunity to celebrate. They get outside, took many pictures and share them with their friends on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. If you check history of snow on Christmas day, there are not that many. 

When you are on Facebook you can see, almost everyone of your friends, have pictures of themselves with snow one way or the other. And when you saw that you were like, damn I need to show them one of my own. So you go out and took a picture as well just so you can share too. Haha. That's the affect of social media on people life. We do things not because we want to sometimes, but because we saw our friends doing it and we have to show them that we are also doing something as well. It has became a sort of show off competition without knowing that we are actually doing it.  

Now it's time to get back to work after long holiday weekend. Well it's weekend, Christmas eve, and then Christmas. Some even has another extra day off after Christmas day. It's a long weekend day off.

Next week is also a long three-day weekend because new year falls on Monday. 

Let's enjoy it while we can shall we? But before that, let's get to work for four days. 

Peace out.


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