The Reasons You Need A Facebook Page For Your Business

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There are many reasons why you need a Facebook page for your business. 

  1. It's free. Don't need to buy domain and web hosting. No need to spend money on designing and creating website.
  2. You don't need to write a single line of code to have a web present. 
  3. It's very fast. You can set it up in minutes. 
  4. It's a social page so naturally you can have fans who you can reach by posting to the page. 
  5. The potential to grow the fans is exponentially unlimited. 
  6. The potential for explosive growth that can each millions of people at any given time, if done right. 
  7. Your customer might be on Facebook already. Statistic has shown that people spend about 50 minutes each day on Facebook.

Those might be enough reasons for your company to have a Facebook page. 


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