Why People Do Not Follow the Traffic Laws in Cambodia?

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Have we ever wonder why the Cambodian people do not follow the traffic laws? Maybe some of us have asked that questions. Or maybe not, because some already know the answers? But what really are the root causes of the people not following the traffic laws. 

  • Is it because they think that other people do not follow the laws so they decided not to follow too. Wait. If everyone think like this who will follow the law. No one. 
  • Is it because they didn't study the traffic laws, they pass their driving license exam without having to know the traffic laws? How can they do that? Did they pay money to get their licenses? Wait. How can people follow the traffic laws if they don't even know the laws in the first place? They can not. 
  • Is it because they do not afraid of the traffic police? Wait. If they do not afraid of the traffic police, why would they follow the laws? Probably not. 
  • Is it because they do not afraid of the traffic ticket? Wait. If there is no consequence of having traffic ticket why would people afraid? If people can just pay and do not have any other consequence, then people probably do not worry much. 

Until next time, study the traffic laws, follow the laws, and respect each other. A crash cannot happen alone, it needs at least two objects to be at the same time and at the same place. If one can just yield when others has the right to go first, then there is collision.  

Drive safely.

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