BIGO LIVE, How to Sell Products Live on It

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Do you want to sell more product online? even live with your customer? Yes you can sell product live to your customer right on BIGO Live. 

BIGO Live is an app that let you broadcast video to your audiences around the world. 

You can easily install the app to your mobile phone or tablet. 

Once install you simple press a button to go live. Right in front of your phone camera, you can show your prospective fans or customers your products. You can try it on for them to see how it would look like. Tell them the price or any promotion if you have. 

You can take order right there while you are broadcasting live. Take your customer name, contact information etc. You can deliver to them and then take the payment on delivery. 

As of this writing, the app is very popular in Indonesia, India and Vietnam. Most of the broadcasters do it to get attention, chat and flirt with friends or strangers, or show off their hot body. 

In Cambodia, people do the same. Many attractive women use BIGO Live to get attentions from other men. They would show their bathroom, their bed, their closet, their body with little clothes o, their flirtatious face, smile and personality to attract viewers. It works. Some of them have thousands and thousands of fans. 

On the business side, about the same amount of people are also selling their products on BIGO. It is very poplar in Cambodia that people use the technology to grow their small businesses. You can call them creative or what not. Most of them are poor and need ways to make money. When such technology available they will take advantage of it and try to earn money with it. It's free so they don't spend any money. 

It must be working for them, because it seems BIGO is getting more and more popular in Cambodia as a way sell products online.  

If you are in Cambodia and are not using BIGO for your business, you should definitely check it out. 


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