Selling Products on Facebook Page and Facebook Live

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If you have been paying attention you will see that may small businesses in Cambodia have been using Facebook page and Facebook live to sell products to their customers. 

First Facebook personal account were created and grow exponentially in Cambodia in the last five years or so. Then Facebook pages were created by entrepreneurs who cannot afford to rent store to sell their products, and cannot create website for their businesses. They turn to Facebook page to reach their potential customers. People follow each other and lead to the explosion of Facebook pages used by small businesses to sell products online.

Then come the live feature. When the live feature was introduced, business owners start using it to show off their products and sell them live on the spot. They would try the clothes in front of the Facebook live and then ask their viewers who want them and answer any questions they have. If a view want to buy, the seller write down name, phone number and then keep the product for him or her. The seller will deliver the product to the buyer and if the buyer like it, he or she can pay money then. If they don't like it, they don't have to buy. And delivery is free within Phnom Penh for most sellers. 

Most notable products that sell on Facebook in Cambodia are women makeup products and women clothing. The sellers are usually attractive female. They would use the products on their face and show them to customers. They would try on the clothes they are selling to their customers so they can see how it looks like. It attracts lots of guys as well as girls. 

If you are in Cambodia and don't use Facebook page for your business, you should consider using it. You are missing out and lose to your competitor who are leveraging the power of social media Facebook. 


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