Cyber Monday for eCommerce

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Another great sale day for ecommerce and businesses is Cyber Monday. Big ecommerce marketplace like Amazon makes million of sale on Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. Shopify, a popular ecommerce cloud platform has made over one billions in sale over the four days period. 

On Friday, business drop price so low that it creates doorbuster. Basically people would go to the store after their Thanksgiving and line up so that can get into the store before other people so they can buy the deep discounted items. 

There are videos sharing on Facebook that show pole were busting into store and tried to grab the items they want. Because there are not enough items for all the people who have been waiting to get in, there were clashed between them. They were actually fighting for those products. 

On Monday is Cyber Monday where the advertisement is about shopping online rather than going to shop at the store on Black Friday. 

Lots of time the sale are extended till the end of the weeks. There are people who still need to buy gifts for their love ones, relatives and friends. So they will continue to shop till before Christmas. 

Business will run gift ideas campaign for those who don't know what gifts they want to buy for their relatives and friends yet.  Basically business will keep pushing for sale until Christmas and then extend to end of year sale. There is always something on sale. 

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