Black Friday in the US - What People Do and What Businesses Do

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On Black Friday, people go shopping like crazy and businesses discount their products like nut. This is the day after a big Thanksgiving holiday. Right after eating a lots of food and lots of drinking, people rush to the shopping mall to buy the deep discount products they have been waiting for.

Some go there just because their friends and family go. Some go because it's fun to go shopping. Some go because they don't have anything to do. Some go because they want to enjoy the holiday and shopping spirit and not intended to buy anything. But what happens they actually buy something :). Haha that is the trick of the brain and the trick of the business marketing and psychology. You don't have to plan to buy anything, but once you walk in you are affected buy the excitement. So your felling changes, you saw great discount, you saw products that look good and in a snap second you bought that thing that you would never do. Once home, you tried it on and look at it and said,"Why did I buy this one, I don't like it." You end up never wear it even once and left it in the closet for months or even years. When years later, you found it, you said,"When did I bought this? I don't remember." You donated away for free or give to your friends or relatives.

That is the Black Friday story lol. 


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