Thanksgiving Holiday - What People Do and What Businesses Do

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Where do you meet, eat and shop for this Thanksgiving day? 

Today Thursday November 23, 2017 is the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. 

It has a long tradition since 1621 when the first thanksgiving was celebrated. 

Today, most American use this holiday to travel and meet their friends and family who they might not have seen for sometime. 

They celebrate the holiday by eating the iconic signature food that include turkey. Turkey can to roasted, boiled or whatever. Not only turkey is served but many other food are also served including cakes, deserts, fruits etc. 

For new immigrants, this is a new holiday for them. They never have such holiday celebration in their home country. They start learning about this holiday year after year. And at one point they will follow other Americans or immigrants who have lived in the US longer. They get invited to friend's or relative's house to eat and meet. 

It's a good opportunity for people to meet since many friends and family don't see each other often if they don't live together. Even if they live together some family member don't see each other too because they work on different schedule.

For business, retail stores, shopping mall, online stores, ecommerce, this Thanksgiving holiday marks the day before their biggest holiday sales of the year, Black Friday. 

After people finished eating and gathering, they left the party place and continue or even rush to the stores to buy the deep discount products they been waiting to buy. 

People buy for a few reasons:

  • It's big discount so it's a good time to buy especially something big.
  • They have to buy because they need present to give to their family during the Christmas time. 
  • They buy items for themselves. 

Black Friday is the biggest sale event of the year. It's a hug day for business. They make the most sale, probably the most money of any day during the entire year. 


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