Cambodian or Khmer Student Associations in the United States

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Bellow are all the known Cambodian or Khmer Student Association in the United States. Usually students use KhSA for the short form of Khmer Student Association. Then add the university name at the end. CSA can stand for Cambodian Student Association.

However the Chinese Student Association most likely already taken that name. They are bigger and probably form the association before Khmer students. So using KhSA is the most unique name. 

Washington State

Khmer Student Association at University of Washington (KhSA UW)

"The Khmer Student Association at the University of Washington, also referred to as KhSA at UW, was founded in 1984. This organization was formed to assist Khmer students at the University of Washington. The purpose of this organization is to spread Khmer culture and to foster its students through their college careers so that they can adjust to the academic and social life at the University of Washington. Most importantly, KhSA is here to promote the Khmer culture amongst the people presiding in the surrounding communities. This organization also seeks to promote, support, and inspire Khmer American students to attend a college or university, particularly the University of Washington." --

Khmer Student Association at University of Washington Tacoma
Khmer Student Association at Western Washington University 

Khmer Student Association at Washington State University 

Khmer Student Association at Highline Community College 


Cambodian Student Association at Oregon State University

Cambodian Student Association at Portland State University


Cambodian Student Society - California State University of Long Beach 

 Cambodian Student Association of California State University, Fullerton

United Khmer Students of UCLA

"United Khmer Students is a student-run organization dedicated to fostering a positive environment for Khmer students and Khmer culture at UCLA. The club serves to represent and be an active voice for the greater Cambodian community and to advocate for its relevant issues. Due to the lacking representation of Khmer people, UKS feels itself to be a necessary component within the UCLA community.  UKS not only provides a social environment for Khmer and non-Khmer students alike but works towards creating a politically and culturally active space. The club is consistent with cultivating cultural education and traditions for its general membership as well as providing leadership opportunities for members to be involved within their communities."





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