FIXBODY Nail Clipper Set – Black Stainless Steel Fingernails & Toenails Clippers

Posted by Khmoping Store on

This is a Fixbody nail clipper set that has one straight, one curve fingernail and toenail clipper and a nail sharpener. Also comes with a black leather case. Overall it looks very nice when it's new. 

The cut is really good. Very sharp and don't break the nails. It leaved cleaned cut nails. 


I used the big straight one to cut, then if I want to trip with a curve one I used the small one. But you can also use the big one to make the nail curve as well, no big deal. I have not use the nail file yet. It looks fine to me. 

One thing that I don't like is after two time of uses you can see the black pain already broken out of the metal. 

I would prefer if it is a pure metal instead of covering with paint so it will always look nice. 




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