Terra Real Vegetable Chips Classic

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This is such healthy and tasty vegetable chips. It's very crispy, crunchy and tasty without the fat and salt that normally come with other potato chips. 

The first time I tested this was at one of a professional marketing meetup and I was like wow, this kind of chips exist, since when, how come I never know? 

I was hooped the very first time I tried. But where do I buy them? 

I found them at Costco. I bought like 4 bags at one time just to make sure that I have it for a longer time, because the first bag when out too fast. 

Check them out, if you want healthy and tasty chips. I would prefer this over salty, fatty potato chips any time.

Terra Real Vegetable Chips Classic

Terra Real Vegetable Chips Classic back

Terra Real Vegetable Chips Nutrition Facts

Terra Real Vegetable Chips Four Types




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