How to Broadcast Live Video on Facebook

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Here are the steps to do Live Video on Facebook:

First go to your personal profile or the page you own on your mobile device. 

Tap on Publish button if you are on a public page. Then tap on the Live Video icon which is a video camera sign with an eye inside. Enter description of the video. You can also check in and add the activity that you are doing. Finally tap on Go Live. It will do three countdown before the live video started. When you are done, click on Finish. You will see option to post or delete the video. 

If you are on a personal profile, tap on the Live Video icon. Choose who you want to see the live video and whether to send notification to your friends that you are live or not. Now you enter the description of your video. You can tag people, checkin and add activity to the live video. Then tap on Go Live. It will do three counts before going live.
Now that you are live, you can see how many people are viewing, you can see their comments, and you can see their reactions flying on the video. You can flip the camper while on live, add flash, add filter and respond to comment. Click on Finish to end the live video. You can cancel the finish if you want by clicking on Cancel while the video is being processed. If you do so, the live video will continue. If you don't tap on Cancel, the live video will end. 

You are given an option to post the live video so your audience can watch them offline or you can delete the video and no video will be post to your wall or the page's wall. 


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